Machine… End of the Line

Art can be expressed in so many ways, but what is each artist’s individual expression is what matters the most, especially if it strikes a different chord in every viewer. Here I had the opportunity to create a gift for a good friend, inspired by his enthusiasm for building and a mutual enjoyment of fine western movies. Seven different movie set pieces are featured in this painting, seems they all  have something inside, something to do with death. “Happens to everyone sooner or later” is a line from another film that comes to mind.

I sat in his yard quickly sketching several different vantage points, and then sketching again,  all the pieces together. Then, I created a couple of value sketches to find my composition, where I wanted to go. Once I decided on the direction, I began to paint, now only choosing the colors I wanted to use. Painting in this style is free and loose, painting how I feel as I lay the color down in the strokes I choose. This is a watercolor painted on Lanaquarelle 140lb cold press paper.

Feel very free to let me know how this piece makes you feel.