“He took that golden hair and made a sweater for Baby Bear”


Every creative process begins with a journey, a beginning, an exploration, a discovery, a failure, a success, and a never ending lust for another journey. When the journey arrives at a point of an unforeseen problem, time spent considering a solution can result in a more original and creative answer. Creativity is only possible when there are options, options are freedom. While a creative action is a risk of failure, avoidance of the work and anquish over creating is inhibitive. Create another reality, somewhere the mind can dwell.

Another kind of journey is a necessity, an escape away from the realm of thinking. Thinking of what to create, searching for the worthy subject, riding deeper into the wilderness of the unknown and finding an escape from all that is known, all thoughts erased. An open mind, a new vision, a sense of discovery and carefree enjoyment is nuturing to the creative process. Failure to escape, to take the journey, hinders the expansion of the soul. One needs the courage to make the escape, onward to rejuvenation. The path may be unknown, such as the path of creation.

Returning from the journey of escape, a new energy, creativity is within your grasp. The creativity that is found on the paper, making shapes, values and color. Responding to one’s thoughts, feelings, being one’s self.

Be quiet, and go.

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