On another note…

Since my last post, I’ve been extremely busy completing commissioned commercial projects, creating and framing new watercolors and alternating staffing duties at our new gallery in Walnut Grove. By ‘our’ I mean award-winning pastel artist Mardie Driftmier and myself. River View Fine Art Gallery is the fitting name, come see for yourself when you are in the area. A ten-day vacation getaway was tossed in the mix, nothing better to clear the mind, restart the creative wheels turning and see the world living around us.

But, excuses are useless. And I have been reminded of that recently. My daughter is currently in a photography program in the Seattle, Washington. She is a talented artist who chose the camera as her medium to focus her energies in.  As a proud father, I was very happy to hear that part of the program requires a course in New Media. To the advantage of today’s younger students, this is a very rewarding one semester class. Students are required to learn how to build their presence on the internet, the social and business network of today. One way to create that presence is to start their own blog. And, it must be updated once a week.

Ok, I’m not in school, but I have tried to post new topics, produce more art, cook a simple delicious meal, watch a ballgame, walk the dog…
stop, excuses are useless. I am posting, here and now. And, I hope to do better in ‘school’ than my girl, no competition intended 🙂

As a reader of my fun little rambles, I ask you to look to the right column, you have to scroll up or down a bit, and check out “Artists I Like” and “Sites I Like”. It’s fun to kick around and see other fine art and other fun blogs. It’s a little bit like getting away for a moment and seeing what else is happening in a different community or rural area as you take that road trip, just to get away.

In the meantime, it’s on, or should I say, it’s back on. This blogger is back, and to keep my younger competitors from making me look bad, I’ll be back a lot more.

I hope.

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  1. Danine

     /  October 26, 2012

    Tony Your better than Ice Cream


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