23K gold watch

Here is an antique restoration project I just finished. This is a 36″ x 30″ double face cast iron pocket watch sign, at least 100 years old. This was stripped, primed, painted and gilded with 23K gold leaf. The gold was then aged with a patina and sealed with a clear finish. The watch faces were hand painted roman numerals and circular striping with lines for each minute and triangle pointers at each five-minute mark. A clock makers traditional roman numeral 4 is four vertical “I” s, no addition of the “V” until you reach number 5. The sign is quite heavy.

Two additional photos showing the three pieces of the watch. Gold leaf restoration work has a historical enjoyment to it. There is always that piece of the past that is interesting to learn, and I like to visualize the interior of the craftsman’s studio when a piece like this was fabricated.

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  1. Beautifully done!! Looking forward to your gilding demo in a few short weeks.


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